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South China, as a manufacturing center in China and even the world, has been leading the development of intelligent manufacturing, advanced electronics and laser technology with its strong scientific and technological strength and innovation capabilities. Especially in the field of laser technology, South China has formed a complete industrial chain, covering all aspects of R&D, production, application and sales.

LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA, a member exhibition of the South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (LEAP Expo for short) , will once again bring together the world's leading laser technology enterprises, research institutions, experts and scholars to discuss Development trends, market applications and industrial policies of laser technology.


LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA 2024 will discuss new laser application trends and expand new customers in the industry, focusing on new energy, semiconductors, consumer electronics, medical, system integration and other end-use applications, to comply with the trend of laser intellectual change, and to help upgrade high-end intelligent equipment industry in South China. 

Four exhibitions gather together to build a multi-faceted intelligent manufacturing industry event


Spring East & Autumn South, integrated arrangement. As a series of exhibitions of Munich Fair, sharing the industry resources of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, plowing the industry for 20 years, more than 400,000+professional data, multi-platform, diversified promotions, and the strong combination of the industry's application fields, exhibitors enjoy customized trade matching services.

• 近年来,华南地区政府对激光产业的发展给予了大力支持。不仅在政策上给予了优惠和扶持,还设立了专门的研究基金和产业园区,为激光企业和研究机构提供了良好的发展环境。同时,随着5G、物联网、人工智能等新一代信息技术的快速发展,激光技术作为这些技术的重要支撑,其市场需求也在不断增长。
In recent years, the government of South China has given strong support to the development of the laser industry. Not only have they given preferential and supportive policies, but they have also set up special research funds and industrial parks to provide a favorable development environment for laser enterprises and research institutes. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of new-generation information technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, laser technology, as an important support for these technologies, has seen its market demand grow.

• 以“十四•五”规划和2035年远景目标为指引,构建中国激光产业的竞争优势,推动行业迈向高质量的发展,推陈创新,精彩纷呈。华南产业结构多样,激光作为一种工具,应用场景丰富,下游制造业渗透率正不断提升,激光加工的应用场景不断拓展。
Guided by Plan“14•5” and 2035 vision, building the competitive advantage of China’s laser industry, pushing the industry towards high-quality development. South China has a diverse industrial structure, laser as a tool with enriching application scenarios, the penetration rate of laser manufacturing application is increasing, and the application scenarios of laser processing are expanding.

• 共论激光新应用趋势,拓展行业新客户,集中在新能源、半导体、消费电子、医疗、系统集成等多个终端应用,推动攻克核心领域技术,助华南高端智能设备产业升级。
Discuss new laser application trends, expand the industry's new customers, focusing on new energy, semiconductors, consumer electronics, medical, system integration and other end-use applications, to promote the attack on the core areas of technology, to help South China's high-end intelligent equipment industry upgrading.

• 集智能检测、激光材料与器件、光源与先进激光器、激光加工智造及装备、工业配套产品与控制系统等,紧扣热点及创新应用,打造“激光智造一站式采购平台”,发挥高端装备制造在新兴行业的重点优势,为产业发展提供良好的展示平台。
Set of intelligent detection, laser materials and devices, light sources and advanced lasers, laser processing and equipment, industrial supporting products and control systems, etc., closely linked to the hot spots and innovative applications, to create a "laser one-stop sourcing platform", to give full play to the key advantages of high-end equipment manufacturing in the emerging industries, and to provide a good platform for the development of the industry to display.

• 华南作为全国激光产业规模最大的地区之一,毗邻港澳,海运发达,出口便利,地理位置优越。 South China, as one of the largest laser industry in the country, is strategically located near Hong Kong and Macao, with well-developed sea transportation and convenient export.

• 创新是深圳的基因,深圳是中国首个以城市为基本单元的国家自主创新示范区,到2035年,建成具有全球影响力的创新创业创意之都
Innovation is the gene of Shenzhen, which is China's first national independent innovation demonstration zone with city as the basic unit, and by 2035, it will be built into a creative capital of innovation and entrepreneurship with global influence.

Display Scope
Lasers and Laser Systems for Production Engineering
Lasers and optoelectronics
Laser accessories and control systems
Intelligent inspection and quality assurance
Optical components and consumables
3D printing/additive manufacturing


"激光+" 激能突破 激活应用创新主题区:为激光技术企业与终端应用行业打造展示、交流与深度合作的平台。关注数字化中国的新基建、人工智能工程;关注碳达峰、碳中和的新能源产业链,将激光的先进技术融入其中,激活应用创新,大有可为。
"Laser+" Stimulating Breakthroughs, Application Innovation Theme Zone: Create a platform for laser technology enterprises and terminal application industries to display, exchange and deep cooperation. Focusing on the new infrastructure and artificial intelligence projects in digitalized China, as well as the new energy industry chain of Carbon Dafeng and Carbon Neutral, it is promising to integrate the advanced laser technology into them and activate the application innovation.

Startups: Empowering laser startups, helping companies expand their brand influence, matching buyers in specialized fields or corporate technical talents.

Line-up: The exhibition will organize several business line-up activities, product promotion/technology exchange, providing exhibitors and buyers with opportunities for in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

Seminars: Analyze the industry focus, discuss the laser industry hotspots, focus on industry applications, interpretation of the advantages of the laser process and more application scenarios in the future.

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Exhibitor’s Comments

Junhui An, Sales Director of Sales Center (South China), Han's Laser

The laser industry in South China exhibits vibrant activity, with a wide application scope in areas such as laser cutting, welding, 3C electronics, new energy, and power batteries. The LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA provides an ideal platform for laser companies to engage in healthy competition, drive technological progress, and meet the demands of new applications.

蒋明,深圳市创鑫激光股份有限公司,营销中心销售总监 Ming Jiang, Director of Sales, Marketing Center, Maxphotonics Co., Ltd.

本次参加慕尼黑华南激光展,我们深刻感受到激光技术的应用范围不断扩大,激光焊接进入高速发展期,客户对激光焊接的技术参数、应用需求越来越多,对品牌服务、性能等要求也越来越高。 LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA has revealed the continuous expansion of laser technology's application scope. Laser welding, in particular, is experiencing rapid development, with customers increasingly demanding higher technical specs and demands, services, and performance.

Binea Zhao, Sales Director (Middle East and Africa), Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

We express our sincere gratitude to the organizers for establishing such a platform, allowing Chinese laser industry peers to engage in fruitful collaboration and mutual learning.

Yuandong Lan, Far East Excellence, Chairman

LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA is an exhibition that focuses on the development of industrial intelligent manufacturing. We exhibit the latest technological advancements, and it is a great pleasure to see a lot of customers at our booth for business consultations. We will participate in the future with even better solutions to the industry.

Source:Exhibitor Survey Report 2023

As an event for the laser industry in South China, LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA will provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products, exchange technologies, expand markets and learn the policies. We are looking forward to discussing the future development of laser technology with global laser technology enterprises and experts and scholars, and promoting the laser industry in South China to a new level.